Dessert Cooler

Dessert Cooler. The FlexiFreeze Dessert Cooler is the perfect travel accessory when bringing a cold dessert or casserole dish to picnics or parties. Removable, re-freezable FlexiFreeze Ice Sheets on the top and bottom of the cooler surround food with cold and keep it fresh and safe. Removable top is ideal for serving and can also be used as a separate cooling mat to keep other foods cold and fresh. Lid has Velcro pocket to hold utensils.

Product Detail:

  • Made from easy to clean nylon materials
  • 2 - 8x4 sheets of removable, refreezable FlexiFreeze Ice
  • Holds standard 9" x 13" pan (pan not included)
  • Convenient lid pocket
  • Measurements:
    16"L x 11"W x 5"H
  • Shipping weight is 5.0 lbs

Collections: Coolers

Type: Cooler

Vendor: Maranda Enterprises, LLC



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