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FlexiFreeze Professional Series Ice Vest Replacement Panels

$ 39.99

REPLACEMENT PANEL.  An extra set of ice panels for your FlexiFreeze Professional Ice Vest will ensure continuous cooling when needed. The Velcro attachment makes for quick removal and installation. Keep an extra set in the freezer and you'll always be cool. 

  • Compatible with all Ice Vests
    (item #: FF0IV02-0IVNV,  FFVV2-NV,  FFVZP-NV, FFHVYW-01, FFHVOR-01, FFVZCH-01)
  • Mesh bag for freezer or laundry
  • FFVRP-18

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
K Edwards
Perfect for my dog

After searching the internet for something to use in the car to keep my dog cool, I found flexfreeze. Since I do not have a/c in my car, I place them in a cooler bag then put them under a sheet on the back seat. So far my dog has been able to keep cool while in the car. Still trying to find a way to keep them frozen for a longer period of time. They work for about 2 hours. All in all a fantastic product. I’ll be purchasing additional panels soon to increase the effectiveness. Thanks!

Denise Clay


Taresa Doughty

The doctor loves to wear this ice vest under his lead during surgery. We love it too!

marilyn smith
Great Product

My husband used the vest today for the first time, 100 degree heat index, doing yard work. Says it helped a lot! Will use it all the time now. Should be carried in ACE, Lowe's, etc.

Jeanine Jenovino
Look Good

I've yet to use them, because our weather hasn't gotten that hot yet, but they look good and I'm ready. Can't wait to use them as I overheat easily.