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Ice Vest Replacement Panels

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$ 34.99

REPLACEMENT PANEL.  An extra set of ice panels for your FlexiFreeze Ice Vest will ensure continuous cooling when needed. The Velcro attachment makes for quick removal and installation. Keep an extra set in the freezer and you'll always be cool. 

  • Compatible with all Ice Vests
    (item #: FF0IV02-0IVNV,  FFVV2-NV,  FFVZP-NV)



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Santa Claus
They are Great!

It helps me to keep working in the heat. The cubes are nice and thick unlike some knock offs I got by accident for my vest. Love this company

Carol Lawson

What a great and totally adjustable vest —bought vest first, then ordered replacement pockets to ensure continuous cooling over many hours. Purchased this for health reasons, and the vest, while not a fashion statement, has been a lifesaver.

Lucia Hansen
Heat Relief!!!

l live near Houston Texas.... here in the 5 months of summer, we endure high temps and humidity, making work outside difficult. Wearing the ice vest makes all the difference! Instead of being able to work only for an hour or so, I can work longer. Be sure to purchase an extra set of ice - when the first set melts, one can change it out for the next. Freedom outside!