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FlexiFreeze Personal Cooling Kit

$ 199.99

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PERSONAL COOLING KIT. The FlexiFreeze Personal Cooling Kit is a personal cooling solution for people with jobs in the heat, those who are heat sensitive due to medical reasons, and those who are looking for relief from the heat for everyday tasks.  The patented FlexiFreeze Ice Vest uses FlexiFreeze Ice Sheets to harness the power of 96 pure water ice cubes into 3 ½ pounds of cooling efficiency. The vest is made of neoprene to provide soft, flexible, lightweight insulation. At less than 1" thick, the vest provides maximum mobility and flexibility. Each vest has three re-freezable, removable cooling panels. Fully adjustable, the ice vest provides a snug fit for sizes from XS to 6XX. Vest and panels are machine washable when ice sheets are removed. The Kit includes an ice vest with panels, additional replacement panels, FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet and insulated cooler/carry bag. 

FlexiFreeze Personal Cooling Kit Includes:

  • FlexiFreeze Ice Vest (Velcro)
  • FlexiFreeze Replacement Panels
  • FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet (88 Cubes)
  • FlexiFreeze Ice Vest Insulated Carry Bag