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FlexiFreeze Ice Vest - Velcro Front

$ 99.99

ICE VEST.  The patented FlexiFreeze Ice Vest uses FlexiFreeze Re-Freezable Ice Sheets to harness the power of 96 pure water ice cubes into 3 ½ pounds of efficient cooling capability. Pure water is used because pound for pound, water is a more efficient cooling medium than gel packs. The vest is constructed from neoprene to provide soft, flexible, lightweight insulation. At less than 1" thick, the vest allows for maximum mobility and flexibility. Each vest is outfitted with three re-freezable, removable panels that are attached with Velcro for easy replacement. Adjustable in four places, the FlexiFreeze Ice Vest has been designed to provide a snug fit everyone from XS to 6XX. The vest and panels are machine washable with ice sheets removed. 

Designed for a variety of uses, the FlexiFreeze Ice Vest is perfect for individuals who are in heat stress related occupations or who are heat sensitive due a medical condition. The vest is also great for everyday tasks on hot days such as gardening, mowing the lawn, walking the dog and more. 

Product Detail:
  • One Size fits most, adjustable from XS to 6XX
  • Weighs just 3 1/2 lbs
  • Less than 1" thick
  • Compatible with replacement panel item #FFVRP-BK
  • FF0IV02-0IVNV

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Let's me work outside

    I purchased this vest to wear when working in the garden and mowing grass. It is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants or needs to be outdoors in hot weather. It is lightweight and comfortable. I used it today in 90 degree weather and was comfortable enough to be out well over two hours. I used only the back panel of the ice, and will use the front panels when I go out later. Great product.

    john Voorhees
    Great Life Saver

    I purchased two of these a couple years ago. During the summer working in the yard, they are FANTASTIC! Easy, Lightweight and works wonders. As Prior Active Duty Marine and have worked in the desert, I know the dangers of overheating. These keep your core comfortable. Love them and getting couple more for Daughter & Son-In-Law.