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Pocketbook Breastmilk Cooler, Gray

$ 19.99

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Our new FlexiFreeze® Pocketbook Cooler is a safe and discreet necessity for temporarily storing or transporting breastmilk. A perfect solution for new moms. This wallet-sized cooler has 16 ice cubes with real, purified, filtered 100% USA water built right in. Water (when frozen) is 35% more effective than gel. Safely store your milk (or whatever you need to keep cold) between 16 frozen cubes of pure water! Just unzip and freeze flat in your freezer. Then zip easily and place in your handbag or purse allowing for discreet, subtle, dry storage and transportation of precious breast milk. Comfortably carry mini hospital bottles (2), popular brand baggies (several) or even a zip top storage bag in this pocketbook cooler! A great product for you- Safe for your milk...Safe for your baby.

* Finally! A Perfect solution for new moms with nursing babies to discretely store and carry their breast milk
* Wallet-size fits right into a handbag or purse
* 16 cubes of PURE WATER built right into this FREEZABLE cooler
* Mini hospital bottles (2), popular brand baggies (several) or several zip top bags can easily fit into the cooler
* Durable, compact and convenient
* Measurements:
4.5" W x 2.25" D x 8" H
* Shipping Weight is 1.3 lbs