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Reviews -12 Can Coolers

I have two of these coolers and have begun to buy them as gifts. One of mine is 7 years old and still going strong. Great product! - Stacey J. Boyer


Great lunch box. Keeps my food cold from the morning right thru lunch time. - A.C. (New York)


This is the perfect little cooler to take with you in the car. Holds just the right amount and everything stays cold. Love it. - Carol


My sons lunch stays cold all day, even here in the hot summers of So Cal. – Michelle Plyley


This cooler is the best ever I've tried all other kinds of coolers and ice packs and they're so messy but this is so nice. – Miguel Casanova


This product is great use it all the time even when food shopping. It keeps things cold that should be. – Donna Rudy


SO GOOD I BOUGHT ALL THE SIZES! I had these from another manufacturer and could not find a replacement. THESE ARE GREAT.I told all the other moms about them. We live in Florida and you need to use tricks. My husband has cold drinks for lunch. AS A MATTER OF FACT WHEN HE GETS HOME FROM WORK THE LIQUID IS STILL COLD. I hope they never go out of business. – Rosemary Lasalle


Easy to carry to the beach or the park, and keeps drinks and food cool for more than 6 hours. I love that it is light weight & you don’t have to put any ice packs in it sine they are built right in. I keep it in the freezer so when i need to take it with me in the spring and summer months its ice cold and ready to go! - Monet


My boy friend uses this every day for lunch! It really is the best invention ever! stays cold for hours! – Briana Marshall


Got this to replace another that served us for over 5 years. They hold things cold for 7-8 hours depending on enviroment (hot car versus cooler indoors. They also have larger ones available and these too have lasted for 5 years for us. – Michael Ferrando


I purchased this bag to take to work and it is a great product. As a woman with hypoglycemia, I need to have many little snacks during the course of the day and I can finally keep these snacks under my desk without them getting warm and yucky. I had a greek yogurt and some string cheese in there for 7 hours and they were still as cold as when I took them out of the fridge in the morning. Buy this bag! – Miss Jenna


I bought this as a gift for my son, I own three already & rotate them. I use one every day & really enjoy not having to fool with messy slushy ice, (which takes up room) I just grab it out of the freezer & load my lunch. So quick & easy. I highly recommend if you have the freezer space & value your time as I do. – SuzyQ


This is a great cooler for those little trips when you want to take just a few drinks for a short period of time. We live on the lake and this is perfect for taking with us for a swim or short boat ride! No worry about having ice for the cooler! – FishLikeAGirl


We have a flexi freeze cooler and love it. I decided to give them as Christmas gifts this year and ordered different sizes from Amazon. I'm sure the people will be thrilled. Also ordered a couple more for us as we use it so much, especially when traveling. – Ruth


Got this cooler for my husband as a lunch box and he loves how cold it keeps everything.
The fact that it folds and slides into the freezer is even better. I would buy
this again for anyone who needs a lunch box. - Katy