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Reviews - 9 Can Cooler

I absolutely love this bag...I had one for about 6 years and I was so happy I was able to find another. Keeps lunches cold for 8 hours. – Dorothea Pirolli


I borrowed a flexi freeze cooler from a friend when I was bringing some perishables home. I loved it! It takes up minimal space in the freezer, is ready at a minute's notice, and stays cold for hours. I've purchased some for gifts for those that I know will get great use from it. I think it is a great concept - can't believe I never knew of it before!! – Linda Donnelly


Great, can bring on plane – Debra (Sacramento)


Everything stays cold longer even in 100 heat. – Rosemary Lasalle


Excellent keeping product cold, and love the complete fold down and being able to easily wash out the entire unit. – Scott


Works great for taking drinks to a game or as a lunch bag, stays cold all day. I'd recommend the larger 12 and 18 can coolers over this one just because the size limits what you can take with you but for one person, works very well. – Jeff Rathbun


I throw a few drinks in here after leaving it in the freezer and it keeps my beverages nice and cold all day! I often leave it in the car during the day, and as long as I don't leave it in direct sunlight, it does a great job. I usually buy 20-ounce bottles of soda, and this easily fits about 4 of them, enough for me. If you put a warm drink in this, it'll also get it nice and cold too!

This is my second FlexiFreeze Cooler. I love them. My first one lasted many years. It keeps my food or water cold the whole day even when sitting in the hot car during the summer months. – Pam L.


Have been looking for a bag big enough to fit my Tupperware and yet small enough to put in the fridge at work. This is great! And the fact that it has these little freezy things in it is awesome if I cant get it in the fridge at work. I bring it home from work and empty out the debris from the day, toss it in the freezer and get it out and fill it up the next day. And the material is heavy duty and withstands all the beatings I give it. Think I am gonna get a 12 can one now too. – J. Torres


I went to Ocean City, MD and took this on the beach. My beverages stayed cold for at least 5-6 hours. It really is worth the money if you're looking for a great little cooler. Also it folds so you can put it in the freezer and it doesn't take up much space. – Improper


This is the best idea around for keeping your drinks cold. We live in AZ where it is very hot and they still stay cold for hours! – ivorykeys


I already have this cooler and ordered another one for a friend. It is very practical and I can only recommend it. – Georgia Retiree