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Reviews - Ice Sheets

A "must have" for people who have gone through knee replacements. You can use it for anything or anywhere on your body. Just cut to the size you need! – Sharon R. Simonds


I was surprised how big the sheet was. I got my monies worth. This a lot better than the blue freeze packs. I used it to pack my lunch for work and it worked very well (and doesn't seem flimsy). – Rambler (Rabbit Brain)


These are huge. Laid out, each is the size of a full size shelf for my refrigerator. They can be cut to size. After a few uses, can wipe down with baking soda and water - voila - good as new. I've used them to keep snacks cold at the pool in the Zuma Backpack. Works great! – Mom22


The photos make the ice sheets look small but they aren't. I was expecting them to be about the size of an iPad but each sheet is more like the size of 8 iPads. You can cut the sheets to the size you need. For $15 it's a great value. I would definitely purchase it again. – Embento


 This is a wonderful product! My kitchen staff uses it to keep our salad bar cold and it lasts all of our lunch hour. The size is perfect and the fact that the cubes are larger than the old ones is a big help. I would recommend this product to anyont in need of keeping a salad bar cold or a large lunch box. We are also using them in our cold lunch boxes for Home Delivered meals. The ice sheets are easily cut to size and have yet to leak on us. – Rose


When we received the product - and it arrived quickly by mail, we put in the freezer and waited for a warm day. We've had a few warm days since we received thiis product. So now, whenever our dog starts panting, we just drape one of these ice blankets over her torso area and she is back to normal breathing and relaxed within five minutes. We are very happy with this product. We are also grateful that it wasn't too expensive. – Heather Jewell


These ice packs are wonderful! You can cut them to fit whatever size cooler you use, and they also will bend and curve if needed. Most importantly for me though, they don't leak nasty goo everywhere like most ice packs, because they are just water! My husband has always managed to poke holes in ordinary "blue-ice" type ice packs, and then they make a mess everywhere. Not only has he not managed to break any of these, but if he did they wouldn't be a mess! Excellent product! – JJ


These are the handiest, most versatile, things! Cut to size, freeze, and you have a customized fit for your cooling needs. I've used the same sheet more than a hundred times for my husband's lunch box, and it's still perfect. Love them! – Jen


These work great. We live some distance (about an hour) from the grocery store. These stay frozen long enough to get the groceries home and put away, even during the 100 degree plus days. It is so nice not to have everything sitting in a cooler full of water when we get home. - finallygettintothis