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Reviews - Ice Vest - Mascots

I do mascot booking and my team is required to be in mascots for 30minutes to 2 hours at a time and these work great.. keeps your body temperature down and works great even in the heat!!! I have 5 to date and will be getting more as the business grows!!! - Juan Cosme

I didn't feel like I had anything extra on under the costume at all! That was really nice. The thing is, I was able to really go at it and do more energetic moves because I wasn't worried about overheating. I could have stayed out for another hour. I really liked it! - Jason W. (Universal Studios)

I'm a mascot for a professional baseball team. This is my second vest and I just love them. It definitely gives you an edge. It keeps you from being overheated. I use these all the time. So much so; I wear them out. However; they're definitely worth the money. -J. Woodliff

I was out on set for an hour and it kept me cool and comfortable the whole time!  My favorite part was that it was so lightweight. I hardly knew it was there....except for the fact that it was so cool. .I really felt like I could bulky cool movement wasn't restricted at all. It was awesome! I would definitely wear it.  - Jen W. (Universal Studios) 

I have never used a vest before but, this was really nice. I finished my set with a real comfortable feeling...not drenched and exhausted like I was yesterday when I wasn't wearing the vest. You really don't realize the difference it makes. It really does!  And I'm dry!  This vest would be really great for shows and character "meet and greets". - Frank H

Bought this vest to wear under a Darth Vader Halloween costume a few years ago. Works well and keeps me cool for hours. - N. Ericson

This is the perfect item that you could use if you have a costume(mascot).easy to use, easy to storage and for the price wow – Guzman

I grabbed this because I was cast as the "Cowardly Lion" performing the "Wizard of Oz" at an outdoor theater. My costume was fur from almost head to toe, and it was near 90 degrees. This is light enough to dance and move in, but helped me "keep my cool". I was still hot, but what an incredible difference between the shows I did without this and the ones I did after finding it. I'd suggest it to anyone wanting to stay cool... – N. Cifone