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Reviews - Lunch Box Cooler

Love this lunchbox. Keeping an enclosed, out-of-the-way section of ice cubes is so smart. It frees up the space for food. Great size, and not bulky, it fits easily in a backpack. I can fit a medium sized water bottle, sandwich, small tupperware, cutlery and plenty of little baggies in it. It's also very easy to clean out, especially being that it is one large box with no small, hard to clean spots. I also like that it's not juvenile, so a kid of any age can use it. Definitely recommend!  - lahuerita

Love this lunch box and stays cold and very easy to carry – Iggy


Using it for lunch in phoenix, outdoors a lot walking between classes, keeps everything well cooled. – Ben G.


You can bring these on airplanes, keeps your food cold. Tuna fish, eggs, etc. do not put mayo and stuff on bread until ready to eat or it will get soggy. – Debra


I had a product like this a few years ago and have been searching for another one for years. Finally an answer to the beat the heat in Florida. No small miracle. Bought one for my grandchild and she finally has cold milk for lunch. Sooooo I went out and bought one of each size. Problem solved finally cold food without those blue boxes that just add weight and take up space. – Rosemary Lasalle


I love this product. It keeps my son's lunch cold all day at school. I would definitely recommend this product. – R. Smith


I am so happy with this product. I bought it for my 6th grader son and it kept his lunches cool throughout the year. It's lightweight, fits a sandwich, a snack and a small bottle of water. Most of all it's pretty durable because it lasted the whole school year. Great product!!! – Ketevana Maglaperidze