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Reviews - Medicine Cooler

This item is just what I needed. Is about the size of a dvd box just 3 times thicker (it has to contain ice cubes and medicine) If you suffer from allergies and you need to carry your vaccines and keep them cool, this is what you need. I can’t wait to use it in my next travel. I was searching something like that. I might be a bit big for insulin carriers but it can carry about 6 glass flasks 10ml each or allergens. – Kiwi


The Flexi Freeze Medicine Cooler came to be a fantastic item to have. I have MS and I needed a freeze cooler to take my shots of medication with me and it did exactly what I needed as my meds have to be kept cold so i put in freezer and when came time to use it both sides were frozen with a set of freezing ice pacts and it kept my meds cool on the flight till i got to my hotel and put my shots in the refrigerator a must for people who has to keep the meds cold – Jeffrey L. Struzyk

This is just the right size for the pens I need to take on vacation, and will keep them cool – Janet Taylor


I do love it. It meets my needs and so compact. Its great to have it all in one. No fuss – Pamela Holdaway


I really like this because only takes a little space and it keeps my medicine cool all day. It is very handy – Elizabeth P. Lazarus


Excelente producto. Muy practico y efectivo. Muy recomendable para mantener las insulinas a temeraturas ideales para viajes cortos, asistencia a eventos, cenas, etc. – Luis H. Mantilla


My prefilled syringes fit in the case perfectly and the ice packs keep them chilled for hours. I am so happy to have found this. It is compact and packs easily for flying. – Nanoo


Excellent!! Very convenient and stays cold for a long time. – Aubrey Erwin


This bag works great. I stick in the freezer over night and the little ice cube packets in the bag keep cold for hour and hours. I can take road trips now or be on the go and not have to worry about how my insulin is being stored or what I'm going to do if I have to leave for any length of time. I just pop my insulin into the bags velcro insert and a couple syringes and I'm good to go. It has freed me of that anxiety. – Cow Flipper