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FlexiFreeze Cold Therapy Wrap

$ 12.99

COLD THERAPY WRAP. Reuseable and washable, this universal Cold Wrap features a fully adjustable elastic band that puts the cold therapy of FlexiFreeze ice exactly where you need it, and keeps it there. With a generous 8"x10" cooling area, it is ideal for a variety of areas on the body. The wrap comes with 2 removable sheet of FlexiFreeze ice (20 cubes of ice per sheet). Additional sheets of FlexiFreeze ice are available in multiple sizes and are recommended when longer term treatment is required.

Product Detail:
  • Elastic stretches to 42” in length
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • FF0CW02-0CWGY

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I have been using this product for the 13yrs. I first saw them on QVC & when they no longer sold them, I ordered them directly from the Flexi Freeze Website! I used them after my 2 Shoulder surgeries & after my Knee replacement. I have Spinal Stenosis & I use them on my back when I'm in pain. I have sent them to AZ for my Grandson after he had knee surgery also. I have bought them for a few other members of my family too!!! I just keep the ice sheets in the Freezer so that I always have them ready when I need them. Please don't ever stop making them.

Karen Kaald

I have used Flexi-Freeze Cold Therapy Wraps for years. When I recently fell and injured my knee badly, I immediately went for my Flexi-Freeze wrap. The wrap holds quite well on the kneecap without slipping. I like that you can use it just cold from the refrigerator or you can freeze it completely or (as I do) just freeze it until it is slushy. Holds the cold quite well but having the two ice pillows is really handy -- while using one, the other can be getting cooled.

Bernice Nobles

A great item to have on hand. For swollen ankles especially