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FlexiFreeze 8 cube ice strip, 12 pack

$ 14.99

The power behind all of our innovative cooling solutions is the FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet. This uniquely designed ice sheet can be cut, along the gutter between the cubes, to a size that works in your existing coolers or to meet your other cooling needs.

Product Detail:
  • 12 pack, 1 x 8 cube strips
  • FF8ST-12

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product!

Easy to pack, lasts a long time.

Robert Lindsey
Great product

Will stay cool for several hours outside in 90 degree weather!

Marcus Piggus

I deliver mail in a 30 year old vehicle that's like a rolling pizza oven on a hot day. The Flexi-Freeze collar and replacement ice strips get me through some stinky hot days.

Hot man

Just tossing it out there, but if you already bought the collar you are absolutely going to need this, and a freezer, especially if you work anywhere hot. I'm from Indiana, summers are so humid you practically need gills to breathe. You can break a sweat on the way out to the mailbox on a 75 degree day if it's humid enough. One strip lasts about 30-45 minutes before it's bath water, so it's nice having a dozen refills frozen ready to go. I can work some really inhospitable environments tho thanks to this, 5/5 would recommend.

Santa Claus

Love these for the neck wrap. Helps keep my body temperature in check