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FlexiFreeze Cold Therapy Wrap (Pack of 2)

$ 19.99

FlexiFreeze Cold Wraps deliver the THERAPEUTIC power of COLD where you need it. Our cold wraps provide the benefits of cold THERAPY WITHOUT the WET! They are REUSABLE and WASHABLE. Cold Wraps contain SAFE, PURE WATER and remain FLEXIBLE even when FROZEN. Nothing beats 100% REAL ICE for maximum cooling power.

The 2 Pack includes:

•(2) Flexifreeze Cold Therapy Wraps

•(4) 20 Cube Sheets of Ice

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best relief

I have been using Flexi freeze cold wrap for many, many years. I think it is wonderful and it has helped me whenever my back “acts up!” When I take a long car ride, I have a Flexi freeze.pack on my back. I have used it for my knees & shoulders too. Thanks for a very useful product!

Easy to use

I have used FlexiFreeze for years to help with my arthritis, back and knees. convenient and always ready in the freezer. Great for seniors

JoAnne Trygg
Works well

Bought this to put on the tractor seat when I'm out mowing. The seat is black plastic and by the time I am done my bottom is damp from perspiration. This product solves that problem, and the stretchy wrap that comes with it keeps it in place. I put a towel over it, and I can mow as long as I want and stay dry. I also have one of the ice vests and a neck wrap and they also do a great job of keeping me cool while I work in the garden.

MIke F
Great product!!

Easy to use, can wrap around knees, elbow, calf and it does not move. Stays cold long, truly a great product.

Awesome Ice Pack

I had back surgery and was looking for something to keep the ice in place while being comfortable. This item is a winner in every regard.