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FlexiFreeze Professional Series Ice Vest - Blue Velcro

$ 169.99

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ICE VEST®.   The patented FlexiFreeze® Ice Vest® uses FlexiFreeze® Re-Freezable Ice Sheets to harness the power of 96 pure water ice cubes into 3 ½ pounds of efficient cooling capability. Pure water is used because pound for pound, water is a more efficient cooling medium than gel packs. At less than 1" thick, the vest allows for maximum mobility and flexibility. Each vest is outfitted with three re-freezable, removable panels that are attached with Velcro for easy replacement. Adjustable in four places, the FlexiFreeze® Ice Vest® has been designed to provide a snug fit everyone from XS to 6X. The vest and panels are machine washable with ice sheets removed. 

Designed for a variety of uses, the FlexiFreeze® Ice Vest® is perfect for individuals who are in heat stress related occupations or who are heat sensitive due to medically related reasons.

* Made with Heavy Duty Rip-Stop fabric,
* 2 Large front pockets
* All Hook and loop closures
* 3 Removable washable vest panels
* Fits most sizes with adjustable sides and shoulder straps. 
* Mesh bag for freezer or laundry

Product Details:

* One Size fits most, adjustable from XS to 6X
* Weighs just 3 1/2 lbs
* Less than 1" thick
* Compatible with replacement panel item # FFVRP-18